Legendry swords and king who brandished them

We all know that weapon like sword, hammer, spear are used in war in earlier times, we are here to talk about some swords powerfull that used by some powerfull and well-known king. 

1. The Double Swords Of Mewar

The Rajput king Maharana Pratap used to carry two Swords which weighed nearly 25 kilos each. It is said that he would offer one sword to his enemy before a fight, If he was unarmed. Currently, the swords are placed in the Maharana Pratap in udaipur, Rajasthan.

2. The Seven-Branched Sword 

The legendary Seven-Branched Sword. It was gifted to the King WA by the King of Baekej, a kingdom in the southwest of Korean peninsula. The sword was developed for ceremonial Purposes and not build for battle.

3. The Excalibur Sword 

It is said to be the source of magical powers, the Excalibur is a legendary sword. It was wielded by King Arthur, who, According to the mediaeval history pulled the sword from an Anvill sitting atop a stone on Christmas Eve. It was this feat that made him the King of the land in the late fifth century. Legend has it that while on his deathbed, King Arthur asked his knight round table to throw the sword into tha lake. 

4. The Wallace Sword 

Currently displayed at the National Wallace Monument in Stirling, Scotland, this antique twohanded Sword is said to have belonged to William Wallace, a scottish knight who led a restistance to the English occupation of Scotland in the 13th century. However, historical discrepancies have led several historians to believe that the sword was never in use as anyone who wielded it would have had to be at least seven feet tall.

5. The Sword of Goujian 

Atleast 2,500 years old, this sword is still shiny and sharp when it was discovered by archaeologists in china in 1965. According to the engravings on the blade, the sword belonged to Goujian, the King of Yue State and one of the most famous Chinese emperors. This legendary sword is currently displayed. at the Hubei Provincial Museum, China.

We learned about these five swords what did they do and which king used them. Where are they currently. 


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