Invention made by chance part - II

There are various invention that made by mistakes but become most famous here are some of them.

1. Cornflakes 

The crispy breakfast cereal got it's start as a baking experiment gone wrong. In 1894 the Kellogg brothers were running a spa for people looking to eat healthier food. While making bread for their patients they left some boiled wheat out too long and it went stale. When they rolled out all the dough it turned it turned into weird flakes. Not wanting to throw out all the dough, the brothers toasted them, hoping to get something edible out of it. The crispy flakes were a hit! They experimented with other grains, finally setting on corn as the most popular.

2. Brandy 

In the 16th century, a Dutch shipmaster was trying to make wine easier to transport, and so he decided to use heat to concentrate the alcohol, with a plan to add water to it once he arrived at his destination. However, what he discovered was that the taste of concentrated wine is much better than that of watered-down wine, so he forewent the water part of his plan and called his new alcohol brandewijn, meaning ''burnt wine'' in Dutch. Gradually, it was only called Brandy.

3. Safety Pin 

Supposedly, inventor Walter Hunt was sitting at his desk trying to figure out a way to pay off some debts when he started to futz around with some wire. As he played around with the scrap of metal, he discovered that when coiled, it could clasp to itself and unclasp again and on April 10, 1849, Hunt patented his idea for the safety pin.

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