Narayani Sena - The Powerful Army of All Time

                                                      NARAYANI SENA

Narayani Sena or Yadav Sena the army of Lord Krishna of Dwarka Kingdom is called the Supreme Sena of all time. Shri Krishna himself had formed this army by training Cowherds and Yadavas. In fact, the Narayani Sena was not a common army, but an army that was seen as a fierce attacker in that period. It is said that Narayani Sena was well versed in "Kalariya Patto Vidya", which was taught to the army by Lord Krishna himself. 

In view of the power and aggression of this army, some people also called it Chaturangani Sena. It means an army that was full of wisdom. Duryodhan had
11 Akshauhini armies, including one Narayani army of Lord Krishna, and all the armies of Kauravas, while the Pandavas have 7 Akshauhini armies. 

Lord Krishna's Narayani Sena was formed from his 18000 brothers and cousins. There were atleast one millione warriors in this army. The commander of this army was made Satya Ki and the chief general Balram ji. Apart from this, there were 7 Adirathas and 7 Maharathis in this army. According to Mahabharat, there were 21870 yards, 21970 rathas, 65610 horses and 109350 padaatis (foot soldiers) in an Akshauhini army. 

                                      Involvment in Kurukshetra War

Before the war started in Kurukshetra battlefield in Mahabharat, both sides, the Kauravas and the Pandavas started out in all directions to meet various kings to solicit support. Incidentally both duryodhan and Arjuna reached Dwarika, the kingdom of Shri Krishna together. Lord Krishna put a forward condition in front of both - you can have either me on your side or my entire army the Narayani army. He also told both that he wouldn't take to any arms or
weapon during the entire war.

So when Krishna first asked Arjun what he wanted, much to Duryodhana's delight, he opted for the Lord- 'Narayan' and Duryodhana got these great warriors of the strong army-'the Narayani Sena. When Narayani Sena was fighting for Kauravas, only Kritavarma and his army unit fought for the Kauravas. Satyaki fought for the Pandavas. The rest of the Atirathis and Maharathis were withheld from the Kurukshetra war on the advice of Balram and Krishna.


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